While they are many MRE sellers out there claiming to offer the best choices, when youíve dealt with enough of them, you will come to realize that only very few of them are good enough to have your trust – some are just plain scam. If you donít want to get scammed, the first thing you need to do is to research more about the company offering MRE options.

Sellers are easy enough to find. You just need to search for ìMREs for saleî on Google and other search engines. Go over the search results and list at least three different companies that you can choose from as your supplier. The key to buying ready-to-eat meals in bulk is to see what choices you have in terms of buying quality and menu variety. You will want to buy from a seller that has a low minimum quantity yet offers a lot of meal choices. Otherwise, the people you are buying the MRE for will not like what they eat and youíd be wasting your money.

While bulk purchases are meant to last, they are not meant to last forever. And so it goes, before clicking on the Add To Cart button, make sure to check out the expiry dates. Most sellers stamp the expiry date on their products and publish it on the product page, however, if you donít see this information, make sure to ask the seller. Once you know the expiry dates, you can work on which ones to buy more and which ones to buy less of, or eat right away and give to friends and family. Make sure to keep a list of the expiry dates so you donít throw anything away.

While virtually all MRE sellers offer great choices at fair prices, you should know that not all of them are honest in the way they deal with their customers. That said, always make sure that the store you are buying from has a money back guarantee.